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Department of Health raises ceiling on copy fees for patient records

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By Jacob W. Gent. Posted on .

Medical recordUnder the Uniform Health Care Information Act (HCIA), health care providers are allowed to charge certain fees to produce copies of a patient’s medical records.  The Act states copy charges may be adjusted every 2 years for inflation based on the consumer price index.  Recently, the Washington State Secretary of Health updated the maximum charges providers are permitted to charge for records copies.

Effective July 1, 2013, reasonable fees for duplicating health care records are as follows:

  • A maximum $24.00 flat fee for clerical searching and handling, up from $23.00 over the last two years;
  • A maximum $1.09 per page for the first 30 pages of records, up from $1.04; and
  • A maximum .82¢ per page after the 30th page, up from $.79.

Rates are based on the Seattle-Tacoma consumer price index and are reviewed every two years. These rates will remain in effect until July 2015.

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